The Semiotics of Evil

Apresenta uma reflexão rica sobre criação de personagem. Vale a pena ler com calma.

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What is evil?

In the postmodern Western world, evil is something that has become almost robbed of its ability to horrify us. Increased global communication and knowledge inure our responsiveness with a daily news diet of ‘evils’. In entertainment, with many of the anti-heroes of TV being serial killers or sociopaths, we’re becoming increasingly desensitised to what evil historically evoked. ‘Hollywood’ continues to push us to empathise with the villains across many different dimensions. Of course, the implications are broader than just entertainment; it’s not just the definition of evil that we erode – it’s what good means.

From a semiotic perspective, I’m interested in the way we depict evil in contemporary culture. How have these depictions evolved and what are the underlying structures, codes and signs that form the conventions that are being used.

I suspect that the majority of people that read this don’t know what it’s like…

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