The Uncollected Foucault – further updates to texts available and requests

Progressive Geographies

This site’s list of Foucault’s uncollected notes, lectures and interviews has been updated again.

One which took a bit of locating was a text supposedly under the title ‘Pour la défense libre’, prepared in late 1979 for a 1980 meeting of lawyers.  The text was apparently originally unsigned, and is sometimes attributed to multiple authors, but both Daniel Defert (‘Chronologie’, DE I, 57) and Philippe Chevalier report that Christian Revon says Foucault was its sole author. It was published in Actes, No 24-25, but it’s actually in a supplement rather than the issue itself (pp. 5-6) – the copy I bought didn’t include it. I found it eventually in the useful archival collections Liasse 1: Se défendre, p. 9, and Quelques archives de la lutte pour la défense libre, pp. 10-11. The image below (click to expand) is the full text. It actually has the title “Se défendre”:Foucault - 1980 Se défendre

Clauses 2 and 3 are quoted in Defert’s Chronology…

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