Technarte, the International Conference on Art and Technology

Call for papers for artists, experts in technology, researches, developers…
Technarte, the International Conference on Art and Technology will be held one more time in Bilbao in 2014. This time, Technarte will be held in Bizkaia Aretoa building on May 29 and 30.
We’re looking for artists, researches, developers, engineers, experts in technology, etc. for being part of this new edition of Technarte as speakers. If you have developed an interesting and innovative project on Art and Technology, send us and abstract before 17th November. 
You can also be part of Technarte and promote your artistic and technological projects in this great forum formed by artists and experts in technology from all around the world. Here, you will be able to share your experiences and will discover transgressor and surprising initiatives. If your paper is selected to be part of the Programme of Technarte, you will be invited to attend to the full conference. 
In addition, the organisation will provide you 3 nights of hotel and will cover your travel expenses (Up to 700€ depending on the place of origin of the speaker. Please, contact us if you need more information about this)
Send your paper by email to technarte@technarte.org before 17th November 2013. In order to send your paper, you should download the template for paper submission (http://www.technarte.org/documents/template_2014.doc) , that includes:

–          Personal data of the speaker (name, address, phone and photo)

–          Abstract

–          Speaker´s short biography

–          Audiovisual material (videos and photos) of the project

Send us your abstract Enjoy Technarte 2014 !!
Jon Astorquiza del Val
Technarte Art Director


Innovalia Association
Rodriguez Arias, 6, Dept. 605
48008 Bilbao

E-mail:  <mailto:jastorquiza@innovalia.org>jastorquiza@innovalia.org

Visit:  <http://www.innovalia.org/www.innovalia.org

Innovalia supports Technarte organisation.



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