codex 99

Codex 99 is either an occasionally updated weblog or incrementally expanded website about the history of the visual arts and graphic design.






Leonardo’s Notebooksca.1492+
De Humani Corporis FabricaAndreas Vesalius – 1543
Tabulae AnatomicaeJulius Casserius – 1626+
Midwifery IllustratedJacques-Pierre Maygrier – 1850
Grundriss zum Studium der GeburtshülfeErnst Bumm and Albrecht Mayer – 1902
Netter on AnatomyFrank Netter – 1936+
Topographische Anatomie des MenschenEduard Pernkopf – 1937+
Man in Structure and FunctionFritz Kahn – 1943
The Morophology of Human Blood CellsDorothy Sturm – 1956


Kort over DanmarkDanish National Mapping – 1552+
EverestPart I – The Early Maps – 1718+
EverestPart II – The Later Maps – 1955+

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